REPAIR / REMANUFACTURE Service - Audi A6 Q7 Access Start Authorization J518 Module with Integrated Steering Lock / Immobilizer

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Additional Repair Options
Replace Microprocessor + Software + Perform Dealer Level Online Coding (applies in cases where the Microprocessor has been damaged and identity of the module lost) [+$350.00]
Replace Original Module with Remanufactured Donor Core (applies in cases where the original module has been damaged beyond repair (removal, water, tampering damage, and/or modification/bypass attempt) [+$150.00]
Replace Faulty Microprocessor Only (typically applies to newer 2009+ manufactured modules causing intermittent module operation/vehicle start - 288 STEERING LOCK DEFECTIVE FAULT NOT PRESENT in module)
Service Options
Expedited Repair - 24-48hr Service Turnaround [+$100.00]
Additional Key Options
Additional Key - Basic (non fob) Key, Cut and Coded to Start Access Module. Key will manually operate the door lock/trunk and start vehicle (recommended for customers with only one existing key) [+$60.00]
Additional Key - Full Fob Key / Non Proximity, Cut and Coded (will also work for Proximity / Start Button option vehicles, but will need to be inserted in the ignition to start vehicle) [+$150.00]
Repair/Remanufacture Service for Audi Start Access Authorization J518 Module / Steering Lock, which is a part of vehicle's steering column.  Module integrates the immobilizer system control unit as well as the steering wheel lock mechanism.  Module failures are common occurrence in Audi 6/S6 2005-2011 and Q7 2007-2015 model vehicles.  Failure is typically identified by no response from key in the ignition, or proximity access (Start button). 

The Access Start Authorization Module (along with the Electronic Ignition Switch) is responsible for key/transponder recognition, unlocking/locking of steering wheel and activating Terminal 15/75 relay to power all modules in the vehicle.  If there is problem with any of the module components (actuator motor, sensing micro switches, relay, or other electrical components within the PCB), the module will not activate Terminal 15/75 (ignition on), resulting in no engine start.  

Most common failure of the Access Start Authorization Module is related to wear and tear of internal moving components, such as the actuator motor, relay, micro-switches and possible micro-cracking of small components on the printed circuit board.  Such failure RESULTS IN "00288 - Steering Column Lock Actuator (N360) - DEFECTIVE" fault being stored in the memory of the 05 - Access Start Authorization Module.  This type of failure most often occurs in 2005-2008 year vehicles and is related to wear and tear/age.

Other (less common) Access Start Authorization failures are a result of sensitive electrical component damage.  Electrical component damage occurs due to module being exposed to under voltage or over voltage condition.  These types of failure often occur in newer modules, manufactured from 2009-2015.  Symptoms of electrical component failure DO NOT RESULT in 00288 - Steering Lock Actuator Defective Fault.  Instead, you may experience intermittent behavior of ignition not coming on or no start.  COMPLETE FAILURE = loss if identity and results in Key Stuck in the Ignition.  In these cases repaired (or replaced) module will require dealer level online coding.

Access Start Auth Module can be separated from the steering column and serviced (we can provide removal instructions).  By dealer standard service protocol, the module itself isn't a serviceable item and can't be purchased separately, which means that the dealer will want to replace the entire steering column along with the Access Start Authorization Module. The dealer MSRP to replace the steering column that integrates module is roughly $1500-1700 (depending on manual or electric column controls) for parts and $800+  labor, including the need for online Immobilizer coding with Audi master servers in Germany.

Scope of Service covers Repair or Replacement (with identity/configuration cloning) of the Access Start Authorization J518 Steering Lock module.  

Each module is repaired/remanufactured with OEM components to OEM specification and fully bench tested by simulation on our test bed.  In case of the typical 00288 - Steering Lock Defective Fault, all moving/wear and major electrical components are replaced.  In case of other (electrical) failures, other components will be replaced.  Module is returned Plug and Play.  No additional coding is required upon reinstall.

Service involves removal and shipping of Access Start Authorization Steering Lock Module OR Entire Steering Column - less steering wheel, airbag, clock spring, etc) along with ONE KEY for module bench testing/simulation.

Module is repaired/remanufactured to factory spec and function, using only New Genuine/OEM components.  There are no modifications performed to change function or bypass any systems (lock mechanism, etc)

2005-2011 Audi C6 A6/S6
2007-2015 Audi Q7

Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Typical service lead time is 5 business days (mostly dependent on current backlog).

**PLEASE INCLUDE ONE KEY ALONG WITH THE MODULE.  Key is essential for diagnosis and bench/simulation/quality control testing.**

5 Stars
After a couple of quotes I received from Audi ....( one wanted $1800 at cost for steering column , another quote was $2400 PLUS 5 hours labor ! CRAZY ) I found this site & researched this common problem , LUCKILY I work at a VW dealership and with the assistance of a couple of techs and a Snap-On scan tool , we were able to "wake up / unlock " the module where car could start . We then proceeded to remove the column and access these so- called " no -removable " bolts . I spoke with Tom at Speedometer Solutions and he carefully explained the entire process & took his time and NEVER once was it a hurried up phone call / conversation . I sent the key & module and about 8-10 days later I received my original rebuilt module , key & he even sent the original parts that had been replaced in the module that are the real culprit of this issue . We then re-installed the module correctly ( tho he sent detailed pictures / instructions on re-installation of module and instructions / what to do if car still won't start .- very useful in case one couldn't get their car started ....luckily we didn't have those issues ) Installed the steering column , plugged it in AND CAR STARTED RIGHT UP ! So far ( knock on wood ) car has been starting & running good with no issues . BIG THANKS TO TOM FOR ALL HIS ASSISTANCE SAVING ME BIG $$ !! To those thinking this may be a " sketchy / unsure " thing to have done considering that Audi claims that the module is not removable ......IT CAN BE DONE ! Sure I had the help of a senior tech & a master tech who kew this process all too well in that Passats had a similar problem tho VW actually issued a recall ( which Audi should have done ) . But with the help of a knowledgable tech , this is by far a waaaay better option than having the Audi dealer screw you out of major $$ . KUDOS TO SPEEDOMETER SOLUTIONS !
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Reviewed by:  from Friendswood . on 6/12/2018
5 Stars
I've had these guys rebuild a few steering locks for me and I've never had any issues or comebacks. The last Porsche I sent them they did an above and beyond job for me.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Evergreen. on 10/4/2018
5 Stars
Ordered this remanufactured service so Tom could rebuild my immobilizer module. Saved thousands going through this way. I couldn't be happier and couldnt ask for a more professional service. Thank you so much Tom! 180k on my Q7 and running great!
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Reviewed by:  from Greeley. on 8/23/2019

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