2000-2001 Audi TT Instrument Cluster / Speedometer - 8N1 920 930E / EX - Remanufactured - 0mi / Flashed to New Mode

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Professionally Remanufactured (and Flashed to New Mode) Audi TT Magneti Marelli Instrument Cluster, Part # 8N1 920 930E. Interchange part numbers: 8N1 920 930EX. 

Price includes $50 core charge and free core return shipping, refundable when your existing defective cluster is returned (return label can be provided upon core return request). 

The cluster has been restored to like new condition and absolutely 100% functional. All commonly failing components have been replaced with 90% OE (or OE quality) components. No scratches, cracks or other imperfections. 

New components include: 
  • Latest generation (EU manufactured) center LCD panel (matching original LCD output in brightness/contrast), 
  • OE Tachometer, Speedometer, Temp and Fuel stepper / gauge motors
  • Updated Motorola Microprocessor with updated software
  • CANbus Micro-controller as well as complete PCB reflow to address any microcracking solder joints.
Instrument cluster has been restored to new identity. This will allow the part to be coded to another vehicle. The odometer state reads 0mi.  If dealer installing, this is the only way that a dealer is able to install in your vehicle, since newly installed cluster has to match the in/out odometer value. Correct/matching odometer value is dialed in during the adaptation / coding process. 

Please be advised that this is a non immobilizer equipped cluster.  Therefore it can no be installed in the later 2001+ vehicle.  DIY coding is possible with Ross-Tech VCDS or we can code the cluster upon shipment.  We can provide further guidance and assist with install options upon request. 

OEM part and direct fitment/replacement for the following Audi TT models: 

Late 2000 and Early (manufacture date up to 08/00) 2001 AUDI TT, w/info display, up to VIN 006500, MPH 

Buyer takes full responsibility to ensure proper fitment to their vehicle based on part number provided and the vehicle's VIN. Please contact the dealer or check your current cluster part number to ensure full part compatibility. 

2 year warranty. 

***Ross-Tech VCDS required for self programming/adaptation***