Audi A3 Facelift 2009+ "White" Instrument Cluster - Upgrade Package

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Audi A3 8P 2009+ "White" Donor Instrument Cluster + Retrofit Service.  Upgrade involves cloning of the secure block (containing immobilizer data, odometer, as well as all current keys) from existing "red" dash to new donor "white" dash.

This process requires shipping of your existing "red" instrument cluster in for secure block (immobilizer and odometer) data capture. Once captured we then clone the information onto the donor dash and ship both units back fully working, plug and play. Some minor tweaking/coding of the ABS/ESP might be required by VCDS. We will provide all required info based on vehicle and donor cluster options.

This item Includes a Donor "White" 2009+ Cluster and Cloning Service. We also offer Cloning Service Only if you'd like to provide your own "White" cluster core.

2 Year Warranty on donor cluster and related service.

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