Audi A4/S4 Bosch RB4 Reset Service - Reset to New Mode / Virgin / Assign New Identity

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Reset service for used/donor Audi A4/S4 B6 (2002-2005) Bosch RB4 Crypto Instrument Clusters.

This service resets the Immobilizer status of the previously used cluster to New Factory Mode so that it can be re adapted/programmed to another car. It also resets the odometer to 0 so that is can be properly matched/dialed in to the current status. This can be done by the dealer installing the cluster or self install with Ross Tech VCDS/VagCom. Used cluster can not be installed unless Immobilizer identity has been virginized and odometer can't be matched/dialed in with VAG / Audi tools unless at 0 to 62mi/100km.

When installing a donor cluster (either replacing faulty cluster or upgrading to a Premium Color DIS) you will also need to retrieve your own Immobilizer PIN code. We provide Immobilizer PIN read service as well as Immobilizer PIN retrieval solution (hardware/software/instructions) that will accomplish this task. Once the Immobilizer PIN has been retrieved, the virgin cluster can be programmed to your vehicle with Ross-Tech VCDS / VagCom.

Instrument Cluster Part #s covered:

Audi A4

2002 - Part #: 8E0 920 950H and 8E0 920 980K

2003 - Part #: 8E0 920 950L and 8E0 920 981B

2004/2005 - Part #: 8E0 920 950P and 8E0 920 981E

Audi S4:

2004/2005 - Part #: 8E0 920 980M and 8E0 920 981G

*This is a service only item. Customer provides a cluster to be virginized/reset*

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