CODING / IDENTITY Cloning SERVICE - Audi A6 / A8 / Q7 BOSE DSP MMI2G Amplifier

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Coding / Cloning Service for BOSE Amplifier / Digital Sound Processing (DSP) CLONING SERVICE for Generation2 (MMI2G) Systems, found in Audi A8 (2006-2009), Audi A6 (2005-2008) and Audi Q7 (2007-2009).  Amplifier most commonly fails due to water damage in Audi A6 (2005-2008) and Q7 models (2007/2008).  Please note that If your amplifier has suffered water damage your sunroof drains will need to be repaired/replaced prior to installing the replacement unit or the unit will suffer the same failure in just few months or weeks.

Upon installing a new or donor Amplifier, the replacement unit will operate in restricted/limited mode due to Audi anti-theft feature called Component Protection.  Coding or cloning from existing faulty unit is required in order to unlock the replacement unit.

This service applies to Coding / Cloning Service only.  Cloning involves transfer of vehicle specific identity/configuration from faulty (non repairable) existing amplifier to new/donor amplifier.  Process includes Component Protection identity transfer, which renders the replacement amplifier Plug and Play.  No further coding is required upon reinstall.

We will need your existing/damaged amplifier shipped in to retrieve current identity/coding, even though the amplifier is faulty on deemed non repairable.

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