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Component Protection Adaptation/Programming Service for Audi A6/S6/Q7/A8 Instrument Cluster. Required when a replacement 2nd hand/donor part, such as Instrument Cluster, Ezs / Steering Lock, Airbag Module, HVAC Control, MMI Control Head, Comfort/Convenience Module, CD Changer/MP3, Power Seat Memory, etc is installed in the vehicle it didn't originally belong to. Each of the modules locked with Component Protection data stores a crypted code between the module and the matching CAN Gateway of the original vehicle. When the part/module is installed in another vehicle, the code contained in the now new to the car CAN Gateway does not match.  This triggers an anti theft feature and Component Protection Fault/DTC.  As a result the part will now restricted or limited and partially operable until the Component Protection has been removed and reconfigured for the current vehicle.

In more detail, as part of the Audi security strategy some modules built in the VAG vehicles implement the so called “Component Protection”. This is a mechanism dedicated to prevent exchange of modules between different vehicles without central authorization from the VAG online database (dealer visit), also referred to as the GeKo system. Such modules installed in another vehicle activate the “Component Protection Active” DTC and are with restricted functionality in that vehicle. This service allows to remove the “Component Protection Active” fault code and allows the 2nd hand/donor module to work in the new vehicle with its full functionality.

The Component Protection was first implemented in 2003+ A8 as well as 2005+ C6 A6 and 2009 A4/A5/Q5. This security feature is not implemented in all VAG vehicles.

There are two types of Component Protection – Generation 1 and Generation 2. Component protection Generation 1 was mostly implemented in the 2003+ A8 2003+ vehicles, while the A6/Q7/Allroad 2005+ is using component Protection Generation 2 for most of the modules, and only few of the modules are using Component Protection Generation 1.

We can not perform the coding remotely.  Coding can only be performed by shipping in your components to our facility.

This is a Service Item.  We provide the coding service at our facility.  We do not sell or lend tools/resources/ODIS GeKo accounts,etc to perform coding.  

Please contact us regarding your situation and we'll let you know if coding is possible.

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