Immobilizer Circuitry Repair - Instrument Cluster - VW Golf/Jetta/EOS

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Instrument Cluster (Immobilizer circuitry) Repair Service for 2000-2009 VW Golf/Jetta/EOS.  

Repair service resolves a common problem with the Immobilizer Coil Circuitry (located within the instrument cluster).  Circuitry failure prevents key transponder recognition by the instrument cluster and causes a no start condition.

(If the instrument cluster does not power up at all, there may be a need for more thorough rework or replacement of the PCB)

(Please select appropriate repair option.)

2 Year Warranty

Service requires removal and shipping in of your instrument cluster.  Your instrument cluster will retain all original coding (including immobilizer identity and odometer state).  Repair service is designed as a plug and play solution upon return of the instrument cluster.  

Please note that in some cases keys may have been erased from instrument cluster memory (by delaership or locksmith) in order to try to resolve the no start condition through key relearn.  Since the instrument cluster does not see a key singal on the coil circuit, the procedure typically wipes all keys and does not complete the relearn process (resulting in 0 keys shown in the 25-Immobilizer block).  In that situation, keys will need to be relearned after the circuitry repair procedure.  If you would like keys relearned here, we will need all keys to be shipped in along with the instrument cluster (so that we can perform relearn procedure on our test bed).  If no key relearn procedure was attempted prior to sending the instrument cluster in for repair, all keys will be retained as per orignal config and no key relearn is required.

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