Immobilizer System Adaptation - Immo / WFS Version 3

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Immobilizer System Adaptation/Re synchronization Service. Required when a replacement part, such as new or donor Instrument Cluster or Engine Control Unit (ECU) is introduced to the current Immobilizer System. Replacement Instrument Cluster or ECU prevents the vehicle from starting and needs to be coded/synchronized with the remaining immobilizer components. Specifically, new/donor part has to be programmed with matching identity (VIN #, Login/PIN/SKC, Component Security and Immobilizer number).

All Audi/VW models from 2001 to 2005 with Immobilizer3/WFS3 and Bosch MED7.1.1 or MED7.5 engine ECU.

Programming process typically requires shipping of all Immobilizer components (ECU, Cluster and Keys or Key RFID Transponders) for programming. Once programmed, the components are plug and play when received. Once received (or otherwise noted) - No further programming is required.

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