REMANUFACTURE Service - Cayenne/Touareg Access Start Authorization (KESSY) with Smart/Comfort/Proximity Access Option

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Expedited Service - 48hr Service Turnaround [+$100.00]
VW Touareg/Phaeton Key Fob - Non Proximity Key [+$100.00]
VW Touareg/Phaeton Key Fob - Proximity Key [+$120.00]
Porsche Cayenne - Non Proximity Key [+$120.00]
Porsche Cayenne - Proximity Key [+$150.00]
VW/Porsche - Basic/Service Key [+$60.00]
Cut & Code Customer Provided Key [+$80.00]
Access Start Authorization (Kessy) REMANUFACTURE Service for Porsche Cayenne, VW Toureg/Phaeton, and Bentley Continental with Smart / Comfort / Proximity System Option.

Remanufacture applies to the Proximity system components within the Kessy module, often resulting in no start when the proximity system is used to unlock the vehicle and related "288 - Steering Lock Actuator (N360) - "IMPLAUSIBLE" Fault within the Kessy module.  Other Proximity system component failure symptoms/faults can be related to antenna faults or parasitic battery drain from the Kessy module.

* Service does not apply to water damaged Kessy modules (often found on Audi A8, VW Phaeton), which typically can't be repaired.

* Service will NOT address/resolve Proximity System Failure due to the 00003 - Control Module Defective Microprocessor Fault.  In those cases the Kessy Module will need to be replaced

Proximity Kessy part #s: 3D0 909 135M, 3D0 909 135R, 3D0 909 137E, 3D0 909 137F, 7L0 909 137B, 7L0 909 137C and other.

2 Year Warranty.

Please contact us with specific questions regarding this service.

2004-2009 Porsche Cayenne
2004-2009 VW Touareg/Phaeton
2004-2012 Bentley Continental

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