Porsche Cayenne / VW Touareg - Monochrome LCD Replacement Service

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Repair Service for VW Touareg or Porsche Cayenne Instrument Cluster with red/orange monochrome LCD display. This repair restores your center information display LCD panel and resolves common LCD fading issues. Great quality aftermarket LCD panel is used for repair.

Repair also covers replacement of commonly failing internal speaker/chime component.

2004-2007 VW Touareg - with monochrome center display

2003-2010 Porsche Cayenne - with monochrome center display

rvice requires your instrument cluster to be removed from the vehicle and shipped for repair. The repair will not change or tamper with the current odometer state in your instrument cluster. You will receive the same cluster you shipped in for repair.

24-48hr service guaranteed.

Please contact us for more information regarding this repair.

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